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Anderson Wellness Group is pleased to offer in-office treatments with Spravato (esketamine), an important medication for patients struggling with:

    • Treatment-resistant depression in adults (TRD)
    • Depressive symptoms in adults with major depressive disorder (MDD) with acute suicidal ideation or behavior
If you suffer from either of these conditions, Spravato may be right for you. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Many of our patients who we have treated with Spravato report finally receiving relief after years of depression. For many of them, Spravato is the first medication that has really worked.

Spravato is a DEA-approved medication that is often covered by insurance.

Most major insurance carriers cover Spravato for qualified patients (a prior authorization is typically required). Spravato is also covered by Utah Medicaid for qualified patients.

How does it work?


Spravato treatments take place at our clinic.

Each Spravato treatment session is two hours long and must take place entirely at our clinic. This is to ensure that you are in a controlled and safe environment while you take Spravato. Our nurses and technicians will regularly monitor your blood pressure and other vitals. You may not drive yourself to or from a Spravato session; someone else must provide a ride.

A round of Spravato treatments generally takes about 2-3 months to complete.

Entering Spravato treatment is a commitment and takes time. Not only will you be spending a lot of time at our clinic, you will also need to attend many sessions to complete treatment. In general, Spravato sessions are scheduled twice per week for the first four weeks, then once per week for the next four weeks, then every 2-4 weeks as long as you feel that the treatments are effective and benefit you. Your insurance company may limit the number of times you can receive Spravato.

In general, you must have a history of taking and failing on several antidepressants to qualify for Spravato.

Insurance companies and Utah Medicaid usually require that patients who will receive Spravato for treatment-resistant depression have failed on at least three antidepressants. Patients who will receive Spravato for suicidal ideation relation to major depressive disorder (MDD) may have other requirements. Our clinic staff will work with your insurance company to help you receive approval for Spravato. Some prospective Spravato patients may not qualify.

Schedule a consultation


One of our mental health providers can meet with you to determine whether Spravato is right for you.

Each of our mental health providers has experience prescribing Spravato, and they have all seen patients whose depression has significantly decreased as a result of Spravato treatment. At your first consultation, your provider will evaluate your mental health condition and history, determine whether you are a fit for Spravato, and if so, they can prescribe or continue a prescription for an oral antidepressant which is required during Spravato treatment.

Contact us to make an appointment.

Additional resources

Spravato medication guide and prescribing information

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